Night Photography Workshop at the Zoo...

I don't think I've seen this mentioned here so I thought I'd post it up...

The San Diego Zoo is sponsoring a Night Photography Workshop with retired zoo photographer Ron Garrison.  This will be held on October 10th, 2008 (Which is the Friday evening before the October group shoot) from 6 PM until 9:30 PM.  The cost is $35 for Zoological Society Members and $47 for non-members.

Ron Garrison was the zoo photographer for 38 years and has many tips and techniques to share.  I have taken several of his classes over the years and always find them very informative.  At the time of this posting there were 15 spots still available for the workshop.

More information:

I'd love to do this

I'd love to do this workshop! I have previous commitments that evening or I would definitely sign up. And $35 for a workshop sure is a great deal!


Ok John so Enlighten me,

Ok John so Enlighten me, what do you shoot at the zoo at night?

I don't know...  That's why

I don't know...  That's why I signed up for the workshop.  Why don't you sign up and we can both find out?

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The zoo closes at 5PM these

The zoo closes at 5PM these days while the best light is around 6-7 so at the very least you should be able to get some nice evening shots

If your camera had a night

If your camera had a night mode, you could shoot anything! Of course everything would come out green.

You mean like this one I

You mean like this one I shot at the Wild Animal Park several years ago?


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Hahaha..... That's

Hahaha..... That's great John!

Hey John - thanks for the

Hey John - thanks for the lead on this.  I signed up today!  I'll bring a few steaks so we can lure the big cats in and use our on-camera flashes!

This was an interesting and

This was an interesting and worthwhile night but waay too rushed on the photoshoot side.  I think we had an hour at best to actually shoot.  Flamingos and elephants where the basic choices.  I'll post a shot or two later this week . . . maybe John and Kramer have a couple to add?? 

I'm so far behind I haven't

I'm so far behind I haven't processed anything from the group shoot, much less the workshop.  I've got three articles to do for the paper and then I might have some time to process some of my fun shooting...

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Night Photography Workshop

Night Photography Workshop -  I need lots of practice... 

Also the heck do I post a simple jpg file embedded <here> in my comments?...


Kramer, R click on the above

Kramer, R click on the above image (John's) to see the location-where it is linked from.   John linked from his SM gallery.Once the image is posted on the internet You link it to the forum by clicking on the yellow moutain icon by pasting the location inside the URL field.







 Also on smugmug it is easy


Also on smugmug it is easy to get a link... click the share button > get a link and then choose the size you want pasted here... clicking link will copy to clip board.

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 Ok, I thought that there


Ok, I thought that there was a way to embed an image from my HD, but now I realize that it must have a URL from being posted on another site and this is merly just a link.  Anyway, here a few images from the Nightime Photography Workshop.  I got a few worth showing, but not much more than that...  Thanks Andy and Mac for getting my mind around this simple Brain Fart....

 Oh... I remember now PBase


Oh... I remember now PBase has some weird links... I'll see if I can remember how to do those.

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On Pbase you just cant use

On Pbase you just cant use the page location. R click and go tp properrties. Its the loooooooonnnng one....



 Yup,  just cut and paste


Yup,  just cut and paste the entire URL from the Properties into the URL entry line in the Insert/Edit Image dialog and it works fine.  I just was thinking it can all be done a different way.  Thanks again...

So when I R Click and went to Properties the link I get is different than what I get from Edit Image, but the werd one still seems to work here to embed the image.  Any clue as to the difference?

I now know that the odd form of the link seems to be only local to the PC where I posted them, anyway, here are a few from this workshop

The monkey trail looks great

The monkey trail looks great at night.

Rick Insane Diego...

Somebody with administrative

Somebody with administrative promission please delete these image links (broken) and I'll replace them with ones that work ASAP.


 You should just be able to


You should just be able to edit your post (bottom left) and replace with the proper links.

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There's only an EDIT  

There's only an EDIT   REPLY choice in the last of my posts, the prior ones only show a REPLY.  Andy, do you see my photo links as boken (red X)?

 Yup, got (4) red X's,


Yup, got (4) red X's, strange about the now Edit link when you made that post.


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I took care of

I took care of it...    

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 For PBase you have to


For PBase you have to click on Edit Image, in the upper right of the page that opens will be Direct Link URL copy that one and paste in the URL field here. They are tracking link backs and properties URL of image won't work.


Test from PBase


Your Quick Mac...


Also I see people are linking back all kinds of the shots I still have over there...Hmmmm

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This was my favorite for the

This was my favorite for the night.  The flamingos were disturbed by our presence but the duck was clueless.  I have named him "daft" duck - cousin of daffy.

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