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You can upload as many pictures as you wish to your personal galleries. However, please limit the number to less than 10 images per day.



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I have a Nikon DSLR D5000

I have a Nikon DSLR D5000 with the standard 18-55 mm lens that has a uv filter that santa clause baught me for Christmas. I am excited about learning to use it and thought joining the San Diego DSLR club woulb be a great way to get information from people on how to use the camera as well as become more confident in taking photographs. My initial reason was to have a camera that whould get let me get the best pictures as sourse material for my watercolor paintings. Since my expertice in photography has ben limited to using a CanonPowershot A620 point and shoot I am hoping that the Nikon D5000 will open up a much larger vista of oppurtunities for better photo's. I additionally purchased an extra battery, a Opkela remote control,Tamaron AF 75-300mm Tele-Macro (1:3.910 Lens and a Vivitar Series 1 External Flash. I think I have enough basic euipment  to get started wait until I have the opportunity to me with other DSLR camera enthusiasts with more advanced knowledge. As a last thought I would like to know the date and location of the nesk meeting of the group. Thanks Lowell G.

The club has a group shoot

The club has a group shoot on the second Saturday of each month. Usually about a week before its posted where and when and where lunch/dinner will be. The shoots are a lot of fun and will expose you to a variety of different types of shooting opportunities. Welcome to the group.


Clark visit my most recent gallery http://agiledogs.smugmug.com/

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