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You can read some of the latest "News on Photography" on the site:

-- Login
-- On the left Hand Side Menu
---- Under the Content
------ CLICK on "News aggregator" Or you could click on the "news" at the top right menu.

Here you can see the Latest News from "DP Review", "DC Resources" and "Online Photographer". You can drill down to the Categories and Sources to see news from these individual sites.

How to Add Images to the Gallery:

- Click on "Gallery" on the left side menu Now you will see TWO large thumbnails. Both their names starts with "Album-xxx"
- You can click on the thumbnail for "Album: Monthly Photo Shoots" You are now in the MAIN monthly shoot Album area
- Click on the thumbnail for "Album: Verterans Day Parade" You are now in the November monthly shoot area

NOW that you're in the desired Album... add images: Again form the left side menu Under "Gallery Navigation" Click on "Add Items" Here you can add your images. Click on "more upload boxes" if you decide to add more than 2 images at a time.

(Also, just under the "more upload boxes..." you'll notice: "Set item titles from:" ... I tend to pick the CAPTION option, so that my image TITLE gets named as the CAPTION field in the "upload" process) You can also navigate to you own "User Album", and add Items (pictures" there. You can also create "albums" (think of it as image folders) in your own User Album. I hope it's not confusing. It is just a bit different from what we had before, and I'm sure will get used to it.


I am new to photography but

I am new to photography but interested in taking photos for paintin in the watercolor media. I have just recently purchased a Nikon DSLR 5000 and it is a bit overwhelming. I would like to find someone  or some place where I can learn what the Hey I am doing . Can Anyone out there help?

Come to one of our group

Come to one of our group shoots and I'm sure you will be able to find someone to help you. The group shoots normally take place on the second Saturday of the month and the information is posted about two weeks in advance.  Just watch the front page of the site for information.

My Gallery

 I no longer live in the

 I no longer live in the San Diego area, so I would like to deregister. I have no idea how to accomplish this.

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