Newborn Baby Photography Workshop



Saturday, February 9th 2013 – 10 attendees – Marina Village – San Diego

Sunday, February 10th 2013 – 10 attendees – Marina Village – San Diego

$500 per attendee

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Author and photography instructor Mark Holmes teams up with renowned baby and family photographer Angela Levy (Casually Candid Photography) to present a comprehensive full day of newborn photography instruction and studio shooting in San Diego, California.

Newborn Baby Photography Workshop

Kick start your baby portfolio and learn the essentials of newborn photography in this 1-day comprehensive workshop

Through a balanced combination of instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on practice with real baby models you will learn the essentials of newborn baby photography.The day includes sessions on lighting, camera settings, posing, props and products, shoot preparation, post-processing and marketing. Each attendee will receive a packet of information including checklists, essential tips, reminders, and information to help build your studio, shooting technique, and photography business.

Lighting and Posing

Most workshops teach you only one kind of lighting, either available light or studio lighting. Many photographers only shoot available light, because they don’t understand studio lighting or find it too expensive. Some studio photographers rely heavily on the predictability and sharpness that strobe lighting provides and become too lazy to shoot in natural light. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to shoot both. We will highlight the benefits of each and compare the differences. We will show how to pose baby to make best use of the light in each situation. We will demonstrate essential camera equipment and lighting setups that match individual photographers’ budgets.

Shoot Preparation

A happy baby makes for a successful photo session and satisfied parents. Although there is always a certain amount of unpredictability when dealing with newborns, planning and experience will help you increase your chances of making every session a success. We will give you a planning checklist and essential tips for making your sessions go like a dream and not a nightmare.

Props and Products

As you find your own unique baby photographer style, you might either embrace or avoid the many types of improvised or professional baby props available. If you are just starting out professional props can be expensive, especially when you don’t want every one of your shoots to look the same. We will share tips on how to source your props and demonstrate some of the particularly useful ones. We will also demonstrate our favorite pieces of equipment and how to set up to shoot inexpensively.

Studio Sessions

Two live studio sessions give you the opportunity to photograph a variety of babies using professional lighting and props in a natural light setting and studio lighting setups. You do not have to be experienced using studio strobes or hot lights; we will teach you everything you need to know.


We will demonstrate a digital workflow to help cut down your post-processing time while achieving a professional look that emphasizes sharpness, correct color, and pictures that really pop.


Although the workshop is about capturing great baby pictures, the instructors are professional photographers who will give you useful tips on organizing your business, upselling, networking, and advertising your photography.

Attendee Prerequisites

This workshop is ideal for enthusiastic amateurs and aspiring professionals who shoot with a DSLR camera. You should own a lens in the 35mm to 50mm range, fixed or zoom. You should also understand the concepts of shooting in manual mode. Settings and lighting instructions will be presented in the workshop, so you do not need previous studio experience.


Questions Answered

Is the workshop lecture and demonstration or will I get to shoot? You will get to pose and photograph real babies. Real babies means real life problems, so we can't guarantee you will get useable shots, but we will do the best we can. We are planning on lots of babies being there.

Can I use the pictures in my portfolio and marketing? Yes, that is the idea. There will be model releases that you can get parents to sign.

What lenses should I bring? Bring whatever you like, but somewhere around 50 mm works best. 35mm works on a cropped sensor and 28-70mm is a good portrait range.

How many photographers will attend? The maximum is 10 per day. We will have two shooting areas set up and two long shooting sessions in addition to lecture and demonstration.

I don't understand studio lightingIs that a problem? We will teach you about studio lighting, but we will also shoot some natural light so you can compare.

Do I need to bring a tripod and flash? No.



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