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I know some of you are always on the prowl for new ways to carry your camera. I picked up a new strap a couple months ago and today I finally got to use it and it was delightful. The strap is called The Loop from Luma ( It's like the Black Rapid strap only it gets much much better reviews for Customer Service. The Loop is designed to wear across your torso not hanging around your neck. You are instantly ready to shoot by just lifting the camera because it slides along the strap rather than the strap having to be adjusted.

I went to the track today for the Horse Racing. I wore it for just about 6 hours with my D80 and 80-400 lens attached. I made 2 small adjustments to the shoulder pad during the day as it slipped just a touch. Not once though did I ever feel like, man, my aching shoulder. I don't sit at the Track. I stood most of the day and walked up and down stairs and from one side of the track to the other multiple times. I ate a massive Polish dog loaded with onions and saurkraut while wearing it. To say I was happy with it's performance today is an understatement. I've been going to the track for years and shooting. This was the bomb today. Can't wait to see how it works out in more conventional situations.

Is there somewhere here in

Is there somewhere here in San Diego to get it? WIth your D-80 and 80-400 where did you attach the loop to?

Not that I know of. I think

Not that I know of. I think direct is the only option. I didn't do anything different for the 80-400. I have it clipped to the left mount on the camera. I assume your concern is the weight of the lens but it's no different than a regular strap. I wouldn't attach it to the lens with that either. That being said, I believe they do have an attachment where you can use the lens mount. Maybe that's Black Rapid though.

I'm getting out hardly ever these days but last night I was at the Gaslamp. I was dressed a bit nicer and I didn't wear it across my chest but rather it just hung off my shoulder like a regular strap. Worked great. That being said, I still haven't gone out for a regular shoot with it yet. Just too darn busy so the final verdict is still out for me but at this point I still have 2 thumbs up.

Rick Insane Diego...

 Does anyone own a Black

 Does anyone own a Black Rapid strap? I've been looking for a more comfortable strap and I saw this post on the The Loop and have been trying to compare it to the Black Rapid strap. I don't like the mounting on the Black Rapid but I'm unsure of The Loop. Can anyone give me some inputs on the Black Rapid strap and/or any other straps? Thanks...


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