July Group Shoot - Cabrillo National Monument / Point Loma Lighthouse

We'll meet at the statue of Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo at 9:15AM on Saturday July 9, 2011 for the July Group Shoot. The entry gate to the National Monument opens at 9:00AM, entry fee is $5.00 per car, or free with a National Parks Pass.

Gallery: http://www.sandiegodslr.com/?q=gallery&g2_itemId=65345




Cabrillo Monument was established in 1913, and is located at the tip of Point Loma. The Point Loma Lighthouse was built in 1854.


We can pick a spot at Liberty Station for lunch. Afterwards, those who wish can wander around the restored (and not restored) buildings of the former Naval Training Center. There is also a brew fest with music at Liberty Station in the late afternoon.



I'm thinking Sammy's at

I'm thinking Sammy's at Liberty Station for lunch, which is where we went last time we went to Cabrillo.  Another option is Tin Fish, also at Liberty Station (sort of).  We can decide in the morning at the meeting/group picture. 


If anyone gets separated or comes late and needs to know where lunch is you can call me on my cell at six one nine 855 zero eight three six.


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I will more than likely be

I will more than likely be late, but I'll be there. I just got home from a very inspirational seminar and I've pretty wound up still. It may be hard for me to get motivated and orgainized in the am. lol ;-)


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Had a great time today, nice

Had a great time today, nice to meet some new people too.


http://frankbaiamonte.smugmug.com/ http://frankbaiamonte.blogspot.com/

Thanks Frank and friends for

Thanks Frank and friends for setting this last groupshoot up.  It was fun to see everyone again and meet some newbies.  http://gregstotts.com

Yup...  I agree with the

Yup...  I agree with the others it was a great day to be out on the Point. 

My sumation;

"...Good Photos, Good Food, Good Friends, No Egos..."  That's what I like about SDDSLR...

Todays photos...


I agree with your summary

I agree with your summary Mark! I really like the close up of the whale sculpture in your gallery.


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Great shots everyone...i had

Great shots everyone...i had a late night last night and couldn't get up in time :P...i know i know...no excuse...lol



Another fun day in paradise!

Another fun day in paradise! My wife, Becky, who tagged along for the first time can't stop talking about what a "cool group" of people you all are. I've posted my top picks in the gallery. Becky had some pretty terrific shots, too. I'd like to post a few in the gallery under my login, or I can put them on my website with a link here. Any preferences from the forum?

Bill Banning
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Whatever way you want to do

Whatever way you want to do it I am sure if fine Bill. I'd say to have Becky sign up as a member and then you could post the shots under her name, but at the moment that doesn't seem to be working for anyone new. So I say put them up any way you want and whatever is easiest for you. But please do put them up. I'd like to see them!

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