Urban Trees and my new blog

I went out on Tuesday this week and took a walk along the embarcadero. It is always one of my favorite places to take a walk. I was happy to see *new* Urban Trees there. I don't know how long they've been up, but they aren't ratty looking or defaced the way they sometimes can get. I didn't take photos of all of the trees, but I did put a gallery up of the ones I did. Here is the link to that gallery:


I also started a blog. It really was more of a struggle than I had hoped. If you view it in IE it is probably ok, but in Google Chrome it looks pretty poor. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the colors on the page and will likely fiddle with it more before I'm happy with it. I'm posting a link here in case anyone would like to offer suggestions.




Change the blue. The date

Change the blue. The date gets lost in there.


You got a few really nice shots. Faves are # 6, #22, 72, 76, and 81.

Thank you for the feedback

Thank you for the feedback Charlie. I like our SDDSLR group's Greg Stotts blog colors of grey and white. It isn't a "canned" option, but I'll try and figure out how to work it out. I really appreciate the feedback on the photos too. Thank you for taking the time.

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LaRee, I like the layout and

LaRee, I like the layout and color scheme you've got with the gray background - I think that works. I'm looking at it on an Apple with Safari and it looks fine.  Some nice shots of the urban trees too.  I was looking for someplace go take some shots today or tomorrow, that gives me an idea.


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Thank you Frank. I hope you

Thank you Frank. I hope you are feeling better now. There is some icky stuff going around lately. My co-workers in the pharmacy have all been sick for over two weeks! Did you get out and about for some photography this weekend?

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I did finally get out. Went

I did finally get out. Went to Balboa Park on Saturday and walked the Waterfront today. Turns out I have tomorrow off, I'm thinking of heading out to Anza Borrego if I have enough energy. Otherwise, I'll find someplace in town to wander around.


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The weather has been

The weather has been beautiful the past few days and a walk around both the places you visited must have been nice. Sterling and I took a walk at Marion Bear Memorial Park today. I was surprised at how warm I got. I felt like I should have had shorts on it was so warm even in the canyon. The desert will probably be pretty nice tomorrow. The park today was a bust. Something is killing off the trees on the west side of the park towards hwy 5. We walked through a patch of trees that had black blobs all over them. It looked like some sort of vegetative parasite, weird. We also found that a spot we used to walk over a log across the water was completely changed. The tree that was in the area had fallen and washed down stream. Crossing now requires getting yer feet wet. Sterling could care less but he was disappointed that I refused to get my feet wet. I wasn't going to walk with wet feet! I know, I'm such a party pooper. ;-) Enjoy your day where ever you end up tomorrow Frank!

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LaRee,I can't say I have any

I can't say I have any fascination with the "urban trees" and could think of a few other names for them - but you have some  great shots! In fact maybe they get rid of few of trees and replace them with your photos. LOL

I looked at your blog with both IE8 and Chrome 9.058. They look very similar but Chrome messes with header text just a little bit. I would not worry about Chrome much unless you know you have people that will view your blog with it.

I have not done anything with blogspot but if you can set margins for your header, try auto for both the left and right margin. If you can do that it should center your header.

Thank you Clint. I looked

Thank you Clint. I looked around last night trying to see a way to center the header. If it is there I sure as heck can't find it. I'll look into it more at another time. Thank you for taking a look and providing feedback.

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 Ok so I am totally in "The


Ok so I am totally in "The Cloud" now... using Live Essentials 2011 to aggregate everything (Smugmug, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and all those email darn accounts) into to one place for me.

In the process I see I can hook a blogger in there.  So I went ahead and created one of those too.  It will just be a place for photos that don't make much sense at all. 

SouthPaw Right Brained (just another photoblog)

I linked back to ya LaRee

Don't talk me out of the grunge cause that is who/what I am.


What does "in the cloud"

What does "in the cloud" mean anyway?  I guess I'm really behind the times in terms of technology.  Looking forward to seeing more of your blog Andy.


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"In the cloud" basically

"In the cloud" basically refers to the fact that you don't need a PC to do much anymore.  You can store your data, email, documents etc... offsite.  And you can even process a lot of work on remote servers these days.  Being "in the cloud" means that you basically don't need much more than a smart phone to manage everything you want to do with a computer these days.


I still use Outlook to manage my email, contacts and calendar... although google offers a convenient service that would do away with that for me.  But at the moment I still have one foot on the ground.  


I like the Blog Andy... I actually have 3 wordpress blogs and I find them really nice and customizable (one for my main photography... one for fashion photography [much less conservative than my main site]... and one for my son)




 To the Cloud.. The cloud


To the Cloud.. The cloud is nothing new (was around before Al Gore  invented the internet).  Rebranding of an old technology, so they can sell it all over again. Really just means all your stuff (files, apps whatever) hosted (appearing to be) in central location.  A Hosting Service for your stuff...you can share it or not.  

MS Live Messenger 2011 "Connects" to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Flickr, You Tube etc... so now I have all my feeds are on on wall that I will never get through .    I can make a post in Live and have it post on those sites...on stop shopping.

The cloud part of Live Essentials is they give me 25G of free space, for documents, photos, etc.  I can upload documents and share them with people I choose or I drop my doc in the cloud from home, I can then work on it at work or anywhere.  MS Office 2010 is heavily web based...there are actually Office 2010 web services now (I can edit my MS Word documents that are in the cloud in my browser).

Well it's something like that.


Or you could go Apple I

Or you could go Apple

I moved my emails to Gmail 5 years ago. I don't own/use any "office" software anymore, use Google Docs for all that stuff. I even use FreshBooks for accounting.

Much cheaper... but you kiss your privacy goodbuy

 Yah man, I got an (Gmail)


Yah man, I got an (Gmail) email yesterday from my neighbor, stating she was trapped in Scotland, mugged by robbers and that she needed me to send her 3K to help her out...Hmmmm.

Privacy/Security...not that important. 


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