Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



As soon as I figure out what all this white stuff on the ground is I'll yet everyone know. All I know is that it feels really strange, and is quite cold.

lumpyfree1001 thx ;]got my

lumpyfree1001 thx ;]

got my new pentax k5 its nice ;]

better high iso performance the 6400 looks as good as 3200 performance on my 7d cannon im very happy

this thanksgiving ;]


cool. there is a few of us

cool. there is a few of us waiting for the price drop 

Did you see it drop to $1400

Did you see it drop to $1400 at Amazon today Sam? Buy.com also has it for around that price too. It is tough to keep my fingers from hitting the dang buy button, especially now that I've handled my son Trevor's! But I am still going to wait, it has to come down more for me to jump. But boy is it a nice camera!

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lumpyfree1001this pentax is


this pentax is worth it the focus is fast even in low light you can even custom noise reduction for all iso's and much improved live view. this is what the k7 should have been. i can say i like it so much more than my canon 7d it makes shooting less of a chore and worry free in the elements i had put away my canon in the rain the pentax got soaked and kept shooting just make sure your using wr lens ie sdm 16-50($1000+) or the cheapy 18-55 da($179) wr .

I would like a wr wide angle

I would like a wr wide angle lens. I enjoy shooting in the rain with my k20d and the DA 50-135. I'll be interested to see how folks like the new kit lens. If I had the disposable income to spring for the k-5 today, I would. ;) My oldest son just bought one and I've handled his. It feels great and the produces beautiful quality.

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lumpyfree1001that 18-55 is


that 18-55 is nice light and cheap ;] ive used it 179 at frys

It is a very reasonable

It is a very reasonable price wise no doubt, but when I buy the k-5, the kit lens is even less money. Seems the difference between the body only and kit price with 18-55 wr is about $100.00. Although I am hoping that by the time I am ready to purchase the k-5, they offer a kit of the k-5 with the new 18-135 wr lens.I am trying to be patient.  I think I read somewhere that they will be offering a kit with the news lens. In any case this is the time of year I really would like a water resistant lens.


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That is a pretty shot Frank.

That is a pretty shot Frank. It has been too cold for me here in San Diego the past couple days. I don't know what I would do in snow! ;-)

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I hear it's been quite cold

I hear it's been quite cold in San Diego the last few days. When I took this shot on Tuesday it was in the low 20's in Seattle, but it was actually pretty sunny. The sun didn't last, of course. 


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