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When: Shelter Island - Harvest moon Sept 23rd, thursday - Moon rise @6:40pm

We've done this a couple of times before. The moon rises just over the down town, and you can get some dramatic views of the buildings with the bright moon in the background.

Suggestion: Be there at around 6pm at the end of the drive way... (picture below)

The moon will rise at 6:40

The moon will rise at 6:40 PM over the North Embarcadero area as shown by the heavy blue line...


It won't be over the main part of downtown until about 8:30-8:45.  (The thin blue line...)

Over downtown

Do you guys typically

Do you guys typically take 2 exposures and then blend the moon? I might bring a GND to see if i can keep the same exposure time with the moon and the city.....i think......



There's well over 10 stops

There's well over 10 stops of light difference between the night city-scape and the moon... I'm not sure a GND will do much for you.  The only way I think you can possibly pull it off is at maybe JUST the right moment of dusk and then a bit of post processing help.  But at THAT moment a GND might come in quite handy.

The thing I have typically done is an in-camera multi-exposure.  I use 2 lenses and shoot the moon at ~1/320 at >200mm and place it somewhere in an upper corner of the frame... and then put on a wider angle lens and drop the shutter-speed appropriately.

This is a moonlight mountain view I took about 4 years ago (Wedge Mountain) in the coast mountains of BC taken at both 300mm and 60mm.  Both shots at ISO400 but one exposed at 1/320 F9 and the other at 15sec F9



This shot from 2005 was done

This shot from 2005 was done with a single exposure.  This is actually how the moon looked at it came up and I took a series of shots as it progressed actross the city skyline.  I believe this was taken from the east end of  Harbor Island which placed us closer to downtown.  Unfortunately, we can't use that location any longer as the restaurant has taken over the spot for outdoor tables.


Why is your moon so

Why is your moon so orange?  Was there smoke in the air?


no this is the color of the

no this is the color of the moon... We went there a few years ago and the moon was indeed this color !

lumpyfree1001 im down for

lumpyfree1001 im down for this one  ;]    need to breakn my new cannon 7d ;]

lumpyfree1001 i think im

lumpyfree1001 i think im going to be at this group shoot with a couple of newbies ;]

hope to see you guys and gals ;]

Can someone provide an

Can someone provide an adress or landmark so that i know where to go for this?  Thanks.



From Roscranns st. watch for

From Roscranns st. watch for the signs that say Shelter Island. They will be on the median and hard to see, turn left. When you reach the traffic circle, you will see the Bali Hai resturant on the left, stay to the left through the traffic circle. Take the first drive way on the right, you will be in a long narrow parking lot. On a clear day you can photograph the city as the setting sun lights it up. See ya there.


What focal length is going

What focal length is going to be good for this moonrise?

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Sorry guy, I was not able to

Sorry guy, I was not able to make it. My back is killing me ;-(

here is the gallery: http://www.sandiegodslr.com/?q=gallery&g2_itemId=53507

I'm sorry your back is still

I'm sorry your back is still bothering you so much Sam. That is the pits! It's been too long now. I hope you turn the corner and feel better very soon!

LaRee http://laree.zenfolio.com/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/27204583@N05/

lumpyfree1001 i just missed

lumpyfree1001 i just missed everyone got there just about eight met frank and doug cool guys

 next time i will meet everyone

Bummer, I just missed you as

Bummer, I just missed you as I took off a bit before that. I was looking forward to meeting you in person.

LaRee http://laree.zenfolio.com/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/27204583@N05/

That was fun last night - it

That was fun last night - it was good to see everyone.  Sam - hope your back gets better.


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Hey!  It's great to see the

Hey!  It's great to see the results of a very fun photo shoot.

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