Cotton Carrier Side Holster

Looks like the side holster isn't too pricey and it comes with an insert.

I was one of the first,

I was one of the first, along w/LaRee, to order the Cotton Carrier, so they sent us the side holster as a bonus. I wore it for the first time at the Bernardo Winery shoot and I love it.  I've worn it several more times and for me, it is one of the best carrying systems I have found.  I like not having a neck strap and the carrier holds the camera really snug when I'm hiking. 

I recommend getting one if you haven't already.

I was in the midst of

I was in the midst of constructing my own three rig system when I saw the CC setup. I've tried everything else out there, Black Rapid, Optech, my own from REI gear...this beats them all.

They are going to use this in an ad. My kid took the shot.

Wore this setup for a minimum of 10 hours a day shooting for 19 days in Glacier, Yellowstone, Island Park, Bryce and Zion.

Fast and quiet in the brush.

No way I would've done this with straps of any kind.

And No...I didn't ask for nor was I offered any compensation by the CC folks.




Rang, would your name be

Rang, would your name be Roy? I was talking to Andy Cotton last week and he asked me if I knew Roy. I told him the name sounded familar but I didn't know specifically. Now I don't even remember the last name he said. But he told me he was going to use a photo of you in the cotton carrier for an ad print.

I absolutely love my Cotton Carrier, and I think it is great that Andy Cotton himself makes himself available to folks like you and me. I also think the Cotton Carrier is a brilliant system and can't imagine going back to using anything else to carry my camera. I also carry two bodies wherever I go now because of the comfort and ease provided by using the Cotton Carrier. It really is a brilliant system. I too have used many different types of carrying systems, none of which come close to the comfort and ease of the Cotton Carrier.

Oh, and btw, I couldn't access the link you provided.


Yup. That would be me.Sorry

Yup. That would be me.

Sorry if we've met and I can't put a face and name together. Since it takes a few times before the link gets written to non-volitile wife claims I have dementia. I don't argue with "what's her name"

I told Andy I was sorry I didn't get an MUA to work me over first...but they typically don't like to work with "animals" in the field so to speak.

Try this link. It's a thread on Canon POTN but it's the only shot that's an ad for CC in it:

I'm brutal in my opinion of gear designs that are obviously not well thought out all the way through but I'm an evangelist when someone gets it right.

Andy got it right


BTW...I like your shots. Hope I run into you (again?) some time.






I remember reading that

I remember reading that thread months ago, but there is much more added to it now. Do you have any photos of how you have our Bogen tripod mount worked into the system mix. For some reason I am having a hard time seeing how that goes together in my mind. There are times I would really like the ability to switch between mounting on a tripod and using the cc quickly. At first  I thought it wouldn't be a big deal to just use a quarter and take the cc hub off and put the baseplate for the tripod on. But going back and forth with ease and speed would be much less hassle.

It sounds like we have something in common. It takes me a while to learn names with the faces I meet.

btw, the post you wrote about your son hiking and your smart pacifer rig smacking you in the back of the head made me laugh out loud. ;-)

I still can't access your photo. Bummer! At least then I'd know if I'd met you before. I am much better remembering faces than names.


Here is my

Here is my email:

Send me a message and I will reply with the ad attached.  I can click on that thread at work and see the ad I posted.

hmmm...should work...

And/or call me at 619-990-2181 M-F 9a-5p.

Bogen part number 323 is the combination adapter of the Bogen rectangular QR plate and the receiver in one package.

The adapter is threaded for standard 1/4x20

The CC insert (or "adapter") is screwed into the Bogen 323.

Then the Bogen adapter can slide into the CC Vest or Side Holster...and remain there.

The Bogen QR plate of the 323 combo can then be screwed onto the bottom of your battery grip or camera body and remain there (that's what I did even before I bought the CC system). 

So when you are using the rig hand just flip the QR lever of the Bogen adapter (which is mounted on your vest/holster) Now, your rig is in your hands as if the CC wasn't involved at all. When you go to put your rig back into the vest or side holster ...your Bogen QR plate just clicks back into the Bogen 323 adapter which has *remained* in the receiver (because it has the CC insert screwed into it.

And like wise when you want to switch to leg just flip the QR lever on the adapter (which again, has remained attached to the receiver in the vest or holster) and out comes your rig with the Bogen QR plate attached. And...that just clicks into whatever Bogen RC2 system head you have on your legs (ie: Bogen 484RC2, 486RC2, 488RC2 etc which accepts that QR plate) 

I've even added the Bogen 323 combo to a straight non QR equipped Bogen 486 head to turn it into the functionally equivalent of a Bogen 486RC2 QR head.

If you're more visually oriented (imagine're a shooter, eh?) call me and maybe we can hook up shooting somewhere. Once you see it in action it "clicks" and makes sense.

This works really well and is positive dropping out moving from hand held to leg mount usage with the CC system.



I probably would have

I probably would have already purchased the Cotton Carrier system if not for the fact that to be able to use my camera with both the CC and my Really Right Stuff ball head would require me to buy one more quick release clamp ($100+) to attach the Cotton Carrier hub to.  Then there would also be the concern of the clamp coming loose while the assembly is locked in the vest receiver.  CC's site (FAQ) goes on and on about how they aren't responsible if you use a arca-swiss style quick release clamp with the Cotton Carrier system.

If anyone has come up with a better solution for using the Cotton Carrier and then quickly and easily switching to using an arca-swiss style ball head on a tripod, I'd sure like to hear it.



 Yeah, I know in both cases

 Yeah, I know in both cases you have to purchase an adapter. The Bogen system is cheaper so that's the way I went.

I really like the Arca-Swiss style design...but it was a bit rich for my blood...and now I'm deeply immersed in Bogen gear.

I think it would be tough to get the CC adapter to fall out of the CC receiver on the vest/holster. I have mine oriented so that it has to be turned 90 degrees to come out by itself or with the camera rig attached.

I used it in deep brush, up and down prone on the ground, down on one knee, standing snugged up against rocks and trees, scrambling over river boulders and rocks (even slipped a few times on slimy rocks and catching my self with my hands...if I'd used straps my gear would've ended up wet or smacked on rocks together). Neither the rigs nor the adapters by themselves mounted in the receiver ever came out. I fully expected to lose an adapter by itself while scrambling etc....but never did.

The CC site statements of non-responsibility are probably an attempt to CYA (necessary in this day of litigation orgies).

Especially since they have to assume that someone, somewhere will do something un-imaginable. But in real world tough use by me...nothing has fallen out or come apart.

If your QR plate is cranked down enough to make you happy when using it with your's not coming loose while in your respective adapter...that's what it's effectively sitting in on your mount.

With all the moving around I did ...if something were to come would have. But they never did and that's even with heavy rigs (ie: Canon 5D or 30D gripped with 100-400L IS, 580 EXII Speedlight and Better Beamer attached to the flash while moving legs around for better vantage points trying to follow/shoot Grizzlies in Glacier NP.

Short of my Think Tank other gear has held up as advertised anywhere near as well (dangit!).

Never had the assembly (CC adapter -> Bogen adapter -> QR plate clicked in place -> camera 1/4x20 hole of the rig) ever coming loose while the whole rig is inserted in the receiver in the vest/holster.

I know $100 is a chunk of change...but if your'e willing to risk it; I think you'd be surprised at how well it works compared to the alternatives. And if it didn't...I think they have a money back time period.  You could always sell the adapter you bought ( I usually just keep stuff and somehow I end up using it again while brainstorming some other "perpetual motion" device)




Sorry 'bout that...just went

Sorry 'bout that...just went back in and noticed I posted this ...*twice*






This is on my christmas list

This is on my christmas list now.

I got heavily invested in

I got heavily invested in the Black Rapid straps before the appearance of the Cotton Carrier.  I found a way to convert two of them into a dual camera system with a minimum of fuss.  Since I am fully equipped with RRS's brackets and plates, I adapted the R-Strap to that system by attaching the R-Strap hardware to a Arca-Swiss compatible knob clamp and using that to attach to the camera.  This is much the same manner as Andy Cotton demonstrates in one of his videos about tripod use.

If I were to get a cotton carrier the only change I'd make is I would use a knob A-S calmp and NOT a lever clamp to attach the Cotton Carrier hardware.  I think there's too much danget of the lever being caught on something and releasing the camera.  The other thing I don't like about the Cotton carrier is once the camera is removed from the carrier, there is no support for it except  the photographer's hands.  I shoot in some crowded media pits at airshows and I like the idea that if somone jostles me and I lose my grip on the camera, it's not going to the ground.  And I hate hand straps...


My Gallery

Hey the knob type clamp is a

Hey the knob type clamp is a great idea...

I know what you mean about the hand strap thing. I hate them as well and I can't stand the quick release type neck straps because I find myself trying to "flick" the tail end connected to the camera out of the way when I'm swapping between landscape and protrait modes.

So what I did was make a shortish clipped leash that clips onto the rings I already had on my bodies ...but only on the right side of the camera body. That way if the body grip was wet and I let was still "leashed" onto the CC vests D ring on the shoulder pad.

I don't know about the Arca-Swiss style adapter clamp levers but the Bogen 323 QR levers have some resistance to them being flipped (probably due to the built in return spring action. But through all the field shrubbery I dragged them through they never inadvertantly flipped open to release the rigs.and I got down and belly dirty to shoot some wildlife up close.

My wife thought I was stupid and well hell...she is always right (dangit).



 To me, switching the


To me, switching the insert and a tripod plate isn't a big deal.  The Cotton Carrier seems like it should be used when you know exactly what you will be shooting on a hike, walking around the streets, or any other type of sight seeing activity where you are bringing just the lens attached to your camera body (or bodies).  If I'm going somewhere where I know I'll be using a tripod or doing a variety of shooting I'll be bringing a backpack with me in which case I will leave the Cotton Carrier at home.  Ideally there would be a one size fits all things or one camera that does everything and makes everyone happy, but that's not realistic. 

Always think positive, but expect the worst and nothing bad can ever happen.

Oops...make that "the leash

Oops...make that "the leash clips onto the Left side of my camera body".

My left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing because it doesn't know which hand it is to begin with.

I will be e-mailing you to

I will be e-mailing you to see when we can meet up. I would really love to see your set up. I think that is the only way I'm going to be able to wrap my brain around the set up. Thank you very much for the offer!


I am not going to lie, every

I am not going to lie, every time i read something on this i get super excited.  I told my girlfriend and she thinks im going crazy, and well, i think rang said the statement perfectly at the end of his post, i think his wife and my girlfriend may be one in the same?  Sorry about that rang, maybe they are just from the same family, the always right family.



Wait till you get married.

Wait till you get married. You won't stand a chance.

I've been right so few times I actually get excited when I am...I keep track.








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